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AN simply means for Army/Navy and it specify standards for dimensions of hydraulic line, hose ends, connectors, and parts. AN fittings use flared fittings made with 37 degrees flared tubing made to form a metal like seal closely similar to other flared fittings of the same degree size. AN fittings are classified using the outside diameter of the threads, and range from -2 to -32 in irregular steps each equivalent to outside diameter. The number after the dash represents 1/16 of an inch of the outside diameter.

All companies that are manufacturing the AN fittings and accessories should strictly confirm to the military standards. This is really important because consumers can use parts from different manufactures. This gives consumers a price advantage from resulting from competing manufacturers all over the world.

Many of the manufacturers sell their AN fittings online. This makes it hard for buyers to confirm the quality of the parts and quality assurance is limited to the good will of the selling store. In this case the buyer should establish the existence of a physical address of the selling store. A legitimate store will always have a physical address where buyers can return faulty or sub standard goods. It is also important to listen to the views of earlier customers of the store whether positive or negative. You can also call the customer care desk and get to know more about the company.

You should always buy high quality AN fittings. Quality fittings should be of high tolerance to pressure, heat and chemicals. Depending, on the where the fittings are intended to be used, the engineer will decide the quality standard of the AN fittings and other parts to be used with the fittings. AN fittings to be used with gas, fuel, or hot water pipes should tolerate high heat and pressure conditions to avoid leakage. They will be more expensive in the short run but in the long run, it will be the most economical.

You should never confuse the AN flare and the 37 degrees Jic flare which happens to be its Industrial variant. They are very confusing because they both function and appear a like but they are actually made with different standards. Though they appear the same and both are 37 degrees flares, AN fittings cannot be functionally interchanged. The AN standard is 40% stronger than the Industrial standard fittings. The quality difference in this two 37 degrees flares makes the AN standard more expensive than its counterpart. When buying you should confirm the standard and never fall head first climbing a stair case with the similarity of the two.

You can find any color in AN fittings to use in any place you want. Some companies even custom make AN fittings according to the customer’s specifications. The bottom line is buying the products that confirm to the Army/navy standard. AN fittings are more expensive than their industrial variants but they are of higher quality.

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